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Dreadlock Wigs

How To Care For Your Short Dread Locs Taking good care of your short dread locs is very important. Your dread lock should be well-groomed at all times! Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure your short dread locs looks beautiful. 1. Cleanse Your Scalp Short dread locs, and some protective styles allow scalp access, wash your scalp gently with warm water so that it does not interfere with your short dread locs. Alternatively, you can always use dry shampoo, it reduces dread lock greasiness without the need for water. It is a stress-free method for a quick scalp cleanse in between washes. 2. Wash Your Short Dread Locs It is not a stressful task, gently cleanse your dread lock first with a cloth dipped in a dread lock shampoo and afterward, with a cloth soaked in warm water. You don’t have to wash it vigorously, washing your dread lock with much force will pull the frizz out of your short dread locs and the drying process can take a long time too. 3. Moisturizing And Oiling Your Short Dread Locs Moisturizing dread lock prevents dryness and brittleness. Mist your dread lock with water to refresh it. Use a water-based moisturizer and emollient oil. To add moisture to your short dread locs, you need water. You need to first apply a water-based moisturizer and then you apply an emollient oil which helps to retain moisture. Moisturizing short dread locs would definitely keep them looking fresh, lustrous, and hydrated.
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